We are campaigning for a future for Oxfordshire which meets the real needs of local people not speculator greed.

We’re campaigning for:

  • carefully meeting the need to house an increase in Oxfordshire’s population of about 10% by 2031 (more in line with the national average growth projections)
  • the right kind of houses, in the right place, for the right people (those in real need), and at the right price (for rental or purchase)
  • infrastructure that is exploited to the full, but avoiding overstretch, with investment in public transport
  • focused development, prioritising brownfield sites, respecting the views of local communities and recognising the value of our environment
  • support for a range of sectors, including rural businesses, tied to local employment needs (Oxfordshire currently has virtually full employment)
  • sustainable development, serving the needs and interests of our residents.


We are campaigning against:

  • an imposed “growth at all costs” approach that only benefits speculators
  • 30% population growth by 2031, and housebuilding more than double any rate previously achieved (100,000 new houses by 2031 = 2 new Oxfords)
  • unaffordable, inappropriate estates not co-located with jobs
  • infrastructure pushed beyond its capacity leading to congestion, flooding, pollution and pressure on our natural resources (water, gas, minerals etc.)
  • the imposition of a dreamt up 85,000 jobs by 2031, irrespective of local employment needs (job creation needs to be more in line with national average population growth projections of 10%)
  • unsustainable development promoted by the undemocratic Local Enterprise Partnership.