An Opportunity to Scrap 5 Year Housing Supply Rules

The punitive 5 Year Housing Supply rules have been the source of much inappropriate development in Oxfordshire over the last few years and continue to be a very real threat.

These rules state that if a local authority cannot prove it has a 5 year deliverable supply of housing, then it becomes much harder for them to refuse speculative applications.  This has put our countryside and rural communities under pressure and led to some highly inappropriate developments being approved against the wishes of local residents/District Councils.

There is now a chance to get these 5 Year Housing Supply rules abolished.

The Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill is currently going through parliament.  An amendment has been put forward (NC21, tabled by Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP), which would require a revised National Planning Policy Framework within six months to provide that housing targets are advisory not mandatory and that the five-year housing land supply rule will no longer apply.

This is a critical opportunity. 

Please write to your local MPs to urge them to support this amendment. If you don’t know who your local MP is, this site can help:

NNGO has prepared a template letter you may like to use, download it here. 5 Year Housing Supply Template Letter