Planning for Real Need not Speculator Greed in Oxfordshire

The growth strategy for Oxfordshire proposes 100,000 new houses by 2031, equivalent to two new cities the size of Oxford; plus 85,000 new jobs, and at least 200,000 more people, roughly a 30% increase in our population.

In order to meet these top-down targets rural Oxfordshire is being sacrificed. Yet the public have not been properly consulted.

We believe there is an alternative vision for the future of Oxfordshire – one that is not based on forced economic growth, but which focuses on meeting local people’s real needs.

Need not Greed Oxon is a campaign dedicated to protecting Oxfordshire’s rural environment, whilst recognising the development and infrastructure needs of our residents.


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The Issue

A “growth at all costs” policy has led to a county plan that envisages building at virtually double any previous rate, and threatens to overwhelm our infrastructure, services, landscape and communities.

Put simply, the growth strategy is the biggest threat to rural Oxfordshire in our history and its impact would be irreversible.

The Campaign

Need not Greed Oxon is a coalition of local groups and individuals that have come together to campaign for a future that respects the views of local people, plans for “need not greed” and protects the environment.

We want local people to have a real voice in the debate on the future of Oxfordshire.


Planning for Growth

Ahead of the Oxfordshire 2050 Plan consultation due this summer, NNGO has researched the data. The statistics in the presentation below demonstrate why Oxfordshire should not commit to unsustainable, unattainable and undesirable levels of growth across the county. Need Not Greed – Oxfordshire 2050 Plan presentation June 2021

Planning changes would silence local voices. Act Now!

The Government is currently consulting on major changes to the planning system: Changes to the Current Planning System – this paper sets out proposed changes to the way local housing need will be calculated. Consultation runs until 1 October 2020. Planning White Paper – this paper describes the introduction of zoning of land (for growth, renewal or […]

Regional Transport Strategy is dishonest on growth agenda

Need not Greed Oxfordshire (NNGO) believes a new regional transport strategy, that would heavily impact Oxfordshire, is fundamentally flawed in failing to be honest about the level of economic growth it is looking to support. England’s Economic Heartland, a group of local authority and business leaders, has produced a Draft Transport Strategy for an area […]

Peter-Jay"We want to see the right houses, in the right place, for the right people and at the right cost  - this campaign will help us to achieve this in Oxfordshire."

Peter Jay, Chairman of ROAR

Helen-Marshall"Many local groups around the county are currently fighting lonely battles against aggressive developers wanting to build on inappropriate sites, and often losing - by supporting this campaign, local groups can engage with the bigger picture and have a better chance of saving rural Oxfordshire."

Helen Marshall, Director of CPRE Oxfordshire