Alternative Ox-Cam Arc spatial framework consultation reveals that more than 9 out of 10 people would vote ‘No’ to the Ox-Cam Arc

Stop The Arc Group (STARC) created an alternative Arc Spatial Framework consultation with the Oxford POETS (Planning Oxfordshire’s Environment and Transport Sustainably) and with help and advice from a number of other concerned groups across the Arc. The consultation highlighted some of the hard choices that lie ahead – for example between development and the environment – and asked people how rapidly the Arc should grow.

Responders were not against growth, but wanted it limited to the average or below-average rate expected for the rest of country – a fair share, not a disproportionate share.

The results and comments show that the public is fed up with being kept in the dark about all Ox-Cam Arc plans. The official Government consultation document contained not a single word on the levels of growth in jobs, houses and economic output that this Whitehall-driven Arc plan involves. Nothing at all. Why is this? What is the Government afraid of?

Read more, including key findings, on the STARC website.

The alternative consultation remains open. If you would like to add your views please do so here.