‘Councillors should be given the right to debate the future growth of Oxfordshire’ says Need Not Greed

generic-news-2In a Press Release issued this week (see below), the Need not Greed Oxon coalition calls on all District and County Councillors to have the opportunity to speak out on the overly aggressive growth figures that will damage our county.

The coalition has learnt that the revised Economic Plan for Oxfordshire – the Strategic Economic Plan – which outlines plans for 85,000 new jobs and 100,000 new houses, is in most cases only likely to be considered by local authority Cabinet meetings, not at Full Council meetings.

Helena Whall, on behalf of the Coalition, said: “This Plan sets very damaging and unrealistic growth targets which would radically change the way Oxfordshire looks. It has been drawn up by the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), an unelected body, and now surely all our elected representatives ought to be having their say?”

NNGO calls on our elected Councillors to speak out against OxLEP’s Strategic Economic Plan as currently drafted.

We urge them to ask for a reconsideration of the growth targets in response to recent events such as Brexit, and a proper assessment of the cumulative social and environmental impacts.

Need not Greed want to ensure that Oxfordshire continues to be both a vibrant county and a pleasant place to live for future generations.

See: Need Not Greed Oxon Press Release – Councillors should be given the right to debate the future growth of Oxfordshire – 13 September 2016 – FINAL.

How you can help?

Write to your local District and County Councillor, asking them to speak up and ask for a reconsideration of the growth targets in the revised SEP Refresh.

You can use the NNGO letter template below.

Be sure to write before your local District Council Cabinet meeting takes place! (See below).

See: Need Not Greed Oxon Letter Template – 14 September 2016

Dates for your diary!

The revised SEP Refresh will be discussed at the following Cabinet (and Scrutiny Committee) meetings:

Oxfordshire County Council – Cabinet Meeting – Tuesday 20 September

Vale of White Horse & South Oxfordshire District Council – Joint Scrutiny Committee Meeting – Thursday 22 September

Oxford City District Council – Council Meeting – Thursday 29 September *

Cherwell District Council – Cabinet Meeting – Monday 3 October

West Oxfordshire District Council – Cabinet Meeting – Wednesday 19 October

*This is the only Full Council Meeting at which we know the revised SEP Refresh will be debated by Councillors.