Planning application for 300 house development approved in Woodstock

woodstockNNGO member, Woodstock Action Group, and local residents are shocked and dismayed that an outline planning application for 300 homes in the historic village of Woodstock has been approved.

On 6 December, the Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee for West Oxfordshire approved the planning application for 300 houses on greenfield land at Woodstock East (16/01364/OUT).

In February of this year, the Council approved the proposal by developer Blenheim Estates and Pye Homes.

Woodstock Parish Council objected to the application on the grounds that a decision would be premature in the context of the Local Plan process, and that it would be inappropriate for the resolved approval to go forward without re-assessment of a reduced Objectively Assessed Need.

Irrespective of the merits or otherwise of the proposal, it is of course a complete travesty that the Council should have had to spend so much time and money engaging in the Local Plan process when the application can get waved through whilst a consultation on the site is still live.

See: Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee for West Oxfordshire, 6 December