The Local Industrial Strategy

NNGO understands that the draft Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) is currently with Government for consideration. The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) has prepared the Local Industrial Strategy for the county. The aim of the Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) is to create an economy that boosts productivity and earning power, a long-term plan that provides a policy framework against which major private and public sector investment decisions are made.

NNGO says local people and sound planning principles, not an unaccountable quango and developers’ aspirations, should have a say on a strategy that will dictate future economic strategy for the county.

Sue Haywood, Responsible Planning in Burford (RPiB), says:
“The document makes startling claims about the ability to create 108,000 net new jobs in the county by 2040. Since Oxfordshire effectively has full employment, this inevitably means a significant increase in population to take up these new roles.”

NNGO has written to Oxfordshire MPs asking that Oxfordshire’s Local Industrial Strategy is subject to full public consultation and environmental assessment (preferably through the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 process) prior to adoption?