900 homes proposed for Green Belt land north of Abingdon – have your say


Commercial Estates Group (CEG) are proposing to build around 900 homes, along with associated community amenities and public open space on Green Belt land to the north of Abingdon. The site is allocated for new homes in the Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2013 Part 1, which the Inspector has approved on the grounds that the Vale needs to meets its Objectively Assessed Housing Need, as spelt out in the Oxfordshire SHMA.

Members of the Need not Greed Oxon coalition fought hard against the inclusion of this allocated development site in the Vale Local Plan. We believe it is inappropriate development for the Oxford Green Belt and that the housing targets contained in the SHMA are overflated.

A public consultation is now open for members of the public to have their say on the draft development proposals.

There is no deadline for responses to the draft proposals, but after considering all responses CEG intends to produce a report. It will then refine its plans for a futher round of public consultation in the autumn. So it seems wise to respond as soon as possible!

The proposed development site in north Abingdon is about 53ha in size and is roughly split into two ‘halves’ either side of the A4183 Oxford Road. The A34 borders the site to the north west. The northern edge largely defined by mature hedgerows and tree belts beyond which lies agricultural land. Peachcroft Farm lies to the site’s east, with Twelve Acre Drive and Dunmore Road bordering the site to the south. Tilsley Park Recreation Ground is located on the south western site boundary.

You can find out more on the North Abingdon Consultation website.

Two public exhibitions were recently held in Abingdon at which the draft proposals were shared.

Have your say

CEG have provided an online Feedback Form for the public to make known its views on the draft proposals.

Alternatively, you can share your thoughts by email.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about our concerns with these plans, contact:

Sunningwell Parisioner’s Against Damage to the Environment (SPADE) 

Email: spade.sunningwell@btinternet.com

North Abingdon Local Plan Group (NALPG) 

Email: david.illingworth@talk21.com