NNGO calls on local Councillors to vote against Housing & Growth Deal for Oxfordshire

generic-news-2This month, all our District Councillors and County Council Cabinet Members will be asked to vote on the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal.

The Deal would commit our local authorities to providing 100,000 houses by 2031, a housebuilding level that is more than double the Government’s own projections of household growth for the County and still almost 50% above the Government’s own assessment of housing need after a large affordability allowance has been added, including several thousand houses over and above those already proposed in Local Plans. This is a significant commitment to make without a lot more careful thought and full public consultation.

Today, NNGO has written to all Councillors calling on them to oppose the Housing and Growth Deal.

We believe a better future is possible for Oxfordshire!

See a copy of our letter below.

We understand that the Deal will be debated at the following Council meetings:

Cherwell – 26 Feb, Executive & Full Council

South Oxon – 12 Feb, Council & 15 Feb, Full Council

Vale –  9 Feb, Cabinet & 14 Feb, Full Council

West Oxon – 14 Feb, Cabinet & Full Council

Oxford – 14 Feb, Full Council

County – 12 Feb, Cabinet


Find out more:

See: Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal – NNGO letter to Cllrs – 07.02.18 – FINAL.

You can read further information on the Housing & Growth Deal in this paper for the Oxfordshire Growth Board meeting (1 Feb).