OxIS public engagement programme – have your say!


Have your say on the impact of growth and related infrastructure priorities in Oxfordshire – consultation closes on 10 September.

The Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy (OxIS) is an independent report commissioned by Oxfordshire’s six councils who make up the Oxfordshire Growth Board.

The aim of the strategy is to set out the investment in transport, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure needed to support the predicted growth in population, jobs and homes up to 2040.

A technical Stage 1 report was published in April 2017 and work has been progressing on Stage 2 of the work.

Headline figures:

– Population increase of 267,700 people between 2016 and 2040, an increase of 39%
− 101,000 additional jobs are forecast between 2016 and 2040, an increase of 25%
– 123,000 additional houses, 5,100 per year
− Delivering the necessary infrastructure to support that growth from now to 2040 is estimated to cost at least £8.96 billion in 2016 terms. Only £1/2 bn funding has as yet been identified.

NNGO’s initial views:

Need not Greed Oxfordshire welcomes the principle of an Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy as a necessary first step to a more strategic approach to development.

However, we would like to know what steps might be taken to re-visit the growth targets in light of the fact that only 1/18th of the infrastructure funding deemed necessary to support them has so far been identified!

So far, only the key stakeholders (generally the big companies) have been asked for their views, so it is really important that you have a say.

NNGO will be responding to the consultation in due course – please keep an eye on this webpage for more information.

Find out more:

More information can be found on the OxIS consultation webpage.