In a letter to the press NGGO coalition members say OxLEP workshops were not a ‘meaningful consultation’

generic-news-2In a letter to the press Need not Greed Oxon coalition members, Peter Jay of ROAR and Alan Lodwick of Kidlington Development Watch said the OxLEP SEP ‘Refresh’ Workshops did not constitute a ‘meaningful consultation’ and were part of a ‘crude PR exercise’.

Peter Jay and Alan Lodwick said: “these events were not a meaningful consultation, least of all about the big issues of the democratic illegitimacy of the LEP or the arbitrary and subjective numbers generated by the SEP. They were part of a crude PR exercise in generating an illusion of consent to a deeply damaging and dishonest promotion of vested business and property interests.”

OxLEP – the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Parternship, tasked with driving forward forced economic growth in the county, held a series of workshops over the past fortnight with the purpose of engaging the public in the SEP ‘Refresh’. But as Peter Jay and Alan Lodwick quite rightly point out in their letter to the press, “The plan is clear: to impose this economic plan on Oxfordshire come hell or high water; and no burbling about democracy, localism or the public interest is going to be allowed to get in the way.”

Read the letter in full below.
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New plan for a smaller housing scheme at Woodstock after first plan rejected sparks local fears

woodstockDevelopers Blenheim Estate and Pye Homes whose plan to build more than 1,500 homes on the edge of Woodstock was turned down have proposed another, smaller development.

The developers now want to put up 280 properties on a smaller site, on land South East of Woodstock.

About 900 residents in Woodstock have received a leaflet informing them of the scheme, but many are sceptical and fear the number of homes could steadily grow.Read more …